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Participation at practices & meets:

(1) Swimmers are required to make at least two practices per week plus Saturday. Swimmers are encouraged and welcome to attend as many practices as they like. The more they practice, the more rapid the improvements in abilities.

(2) Swimmers are NOT permitted to enter the water at practice until a coach arrives and instructs them to do so.

(3) Children are not permitted to roam the Gym complex during swim team practice. They are NEVER allowed to remain in the complex without adult supervision.

(4) If a child becomes ill during practice, he/she is required to call their parents and arrange for prompt pick-up.

(5) Swimmers are expected to arrive at SWIM MEETS in time for warm ups. Swim meets are often busy, hectic times, and parental presence is extremely important. Please help get your child to the starting blocks in time for his or her event.

Parental Responsibilities:

(1) Parents please be prompt about your drop off and pick up times. This is particularly vital when picking up your child after practice. For obvious reasons we do not desire the situation of a child waiting in the dark by himself or herself past the end of practice. The coaches are volunteers, and their time is precious. They, nor the parental assistants who help supervise, may be able to wait indefinitely with your child.

(2) Parents, please do not leave your child unattended if a coach has not arrived at practice.

(3) At least one parent should attend all team general membership meetings. Board of Director meetings are open to the general membership.

Membership Responsibilities:

(1) Members who are more than 45 days past due on their fees/dues are subject to suspension until their balance is paid up. Dues should be paid by the 7th of the month.

(2) The Head Coach and his staff has the authority to suspend a swimmer for inappropriate behavior. In certain extreme cases, cancellation of membership may be considered.

A Final Thought: Parental support is vital to both the success of the individual swimmer and the entire team. We therefore expect participation from adult members (you the parents) to ensure the safety of the swimmers, and support of team functions. Swim Team is a family commitment. We are excited to have your child on the team and we want to extend that welcome to you, the parents, and encourage your involvement also.


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