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TEAM SWIM SUIT(solid black) -- Required for swim meets. Practice suits may be any color.

GOGGLES -- Not required but highly recommended. Available through the team's "store," Walmart, and Sports Authority in Jacksonville. Vendors that frequent the larger swim meets tend to carry the latest styles in a variety of colors and price ranges

FINS -- Available through the team's "store," Walmart and Sports Authority in Jacksonville. See the coaches for the best style and about whether to cut the fins to "practice" length.

WATER BOTTLE-- Very important to bring to each practice and meet to maintain hydration. Available through the team's "store," Walmart or K-Mart.

TOWEL and BAG-- (to hold supplies/equipment)

SWIM CAP -- (Optional) Available from the team's "store" ($3.00). Caps worn at meets ARE EXPECTED TO BE Team caps. Any cap is acceptable for practice.

***Team suits and t-shirts, sweats, parkas, water bottles, etc., are available through the team "store" maintained by the Team Treasurer.

Biography of our coaching staff

Rules & Regulations governing team practice sessions

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This page last updated: 12 October 2000